Who is Kippo - Kukontori

Kippo is a family-owned and operated modern vegetarian cafe in the heart of Helsinki. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with healthy, earth-friendly treats, as we believe in food in its natural state - free of artificial preservatives, flavors, and sweeteners. It taste better, nourishes more, and supports better living.

Certificate of eco-sustainability

based on the objective EcoAssessment of 27 September 2015

Materials, goods and waste management
90% eco-friendly materials (furnitures and finishings)
60% eco-friendly goods used and sold
63% recycling
Energy consumption of the activity
1.71 kWh/sq.m
Emissions due to logistics
0.55 kg CO2/sq.m

The average value of EcoOpinions for Kippo - Kukontori is 2.4

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  • Larsson_Bjorn's picture
    11 February 2015
    Helsinki, Oulun laani

    The best smoothies and juices, Fresh and tasty snacks.


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