Who is Open Books

Each year, Open Books reaches thousands of students throughout Chicagoland through our instructional programs, and distributes hundreds of thousands of high quality used books through our book grant programs. Additionally, we provide tens of thousands of readers with access to affordable books through our retail channels. Here’s what we’ve done since our inception.

Certificate of eco-sustainability

based on the objective EcoAssessment of 06 September 2015

Materials, goods and waste management
90% eco-friendly materials (furnitures and finishings)
80% eco-friendly goods used and sold
90% recycling
Energy consumption of the activity
0.90 kWh/sq.m
Emissions due to logistics
0.13 kg CO2/sq.m

The average value of EcoOpinions for Open Books is 1.6

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  • Melinda HARRIS's picture
    13 March 2015
    Melinda HARRIS
    Chicago, Illinois

    Provides literacy experiences for tens of thousands of readers through inspiring programs and creative capitalization of books.


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