Who is LotusEco

All organic and fair trade clothing store for woman, men and children. All clothes are in natural materials and certified organic by GOTS, SOIL, IVN or similar. Also has a webshop shipping worldwide.

Certificate of eco-sustainability

based on the objective EcoAssessment of 23 April 2015

Materials, goods and waste management
100% eco-friendly materials (furnitures and finishings)
98% eco-friendly goods used and sold
100% recycling
Energy consumption of the activity
0.71 kWh/sq.m
Emissions due to logistics
2.30 kg CO2/sq.m

The average value of EcoOpinions for LotusEco is 1.7

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  • Ritter_Stephanie's picture
    10 February 2015
    Karlskrona, Blekinge

    They have organic clothes made ​​of natural materials and organic toys


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