What is The GreenWatcher

A new type of sustainability: fast, engaging, clear. 

The GreenWatcher is the benchmark for those offering and looking for eco-sustainability, that actively involves public and professionals. It's a cross-platform web application that allows users to choose between thousands of eco-friendly commercial activities, accommodations and restaurants in all the world, assessing businesses environmental performance with a unique and scientific standard. With The GreenWatcher people can finally choose where to buy, eat, have fun, according to a sustainability criterium. Eco-friendly offer is growing, becoming increasingly chaotic. Thanks to The GreenWatcher, eco-sustainability is easy, univocal and suitable for all: the application, available for desktop and mobile devices, gives everyone the chance to make always the greenest choice, everywhere, at any time. Through The GreenWatcher people looking for eco-sustainability in everyday life and the ones willing to travel as ecotourists are able to follow their ethic choices with real actions, every day. In all the world.

How do I participate+

The new way to be actively sustainable, involving public and businesses. 

Have you been somewhere where you've noticed something green? Did you like it? Give your EcoOpinion on that place, and make it GreenWatcher location! You can give your own EcoOpinion from anywhere: the greengrocer on the corner, the park where your kids play, the club on a Friday night, your holiday hotel, the restaurant of your last work meeting, your office, the gym where you keep fit...Your EcoOpinion becomes a score, from 0 to 5, for the business you gave your opinion on.

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Let people who look for eco-sustainability find you. Show everyone the efforts you make every day to make your company environmentally friendly. The GreenWatcher has made the EcoAssessment available to companies. It is a tool, which has a scientific basis but is very user friendly, for measuring the environmental sustainability of locations and it allows all those who manage a business (a shop, a hotel, a restaurant or a nightclub, an office, a gym, a spaceship or even a van where you sell sandwiches) to calculate their own environmental performance.

The process is simple: it is all done online and it takes into consideration the use of materials and waste management, energy consumption and emissions linked to the logistics of your activities.
The result is given as an EcoScore from 1 to 10, along with details on each parameter that was analysed. After the data compilation, the activity will be mapped on The GreenWatcher, along with your EcoScore.


The Certificate of Eco-sustainability

After the EcoAssessment compilation you will receive an email containing your Certificate of eco-sustainability with your EcoScore, and all the results about materials, waste management, energy consumption and emissions. Remember to print it, and show it to your customers: your business is eco-friendly! Discover more about the Certificate of eco-sustainability read here 

In all the world the number of eco-friendly customers is growing fast: The GreenWatcher helps you promoting your eco-friendly business.

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Where did the idea come from

"Could you name a sustainable initiative you were involved in over the last few years that stuck in your mind?"

You have 10 seconds to answer. Time out.

We asked ourselves this very question. And we found the following answers: collecting waste in a different way; travelling by bicycle instead of by car; using energy-saving lamps. What is the point? Maybe, in order for it to work, sustainability needs to be engaging, simple and immediate. It could even be fun. We are a team of sustainability researchers, professionals and designers. We have carried out studies, analyses and calculations for many years. Then, we decided that we could do something new with the results of our new ventures: promote what we developed to as many companies and people as possible by creating tools so people can have eco-sustainable experiences. Welcome to sustainability 3.0!

Scientific bases+

Over the last few years, The GreenWatcher team has focussed intensely on researching ecosustainability applied to complex systems. In 2007, the Tuscany Region* asked some of us to define scientific measuring criteria for the level of environmental sustainability in set spaces, and reference parameters to indicate the level of performance.

Three areas were identified where indicators could be measured objectively: energy (kWh/sq.m.), the type of materials, their use and disposal (kg/sq.m.), the emissions connected to logistics (CO2/sq.m.). The GreenWatcher offers a measuring service that follows the same criteria and the same reference parameters. In the detailed information of your EcoAssessment, you will in fact see the results indicated in the aforementioned measurement units. For the sake of making the information simple to understand and communicate, we also decided to express results through one single number: EcoScore allows you to compare the environmental result levels immediately.

The algorithm+

To carry out the environmental calculation, The GreenWatcher uses an "intelligent" algorithm that develops and evolves. The statistics base is an open database that collects data from the EcoAssessments and slowly recalculates the EcoScore reference threshold in an increasingly precise manner. This is what makes The GreenWatcher a growing project: the more people participate, the more accurate the environmental measures are and the more beneficial it is to the environment and all of us.

 *The results of the research, carried out the the Università degli Studi di Firenze, have been adopted as Guidelines by the Region of Tuscany..

Data control+

You may ask yourself if the company EcoAssessments are credible and truthful. Aside from trusting in the good faith of those providing the information, we have introduced other control mechanisms. When data is glaringly incorrect (for example with regard to given dimensions and type of space), the algorithm requires explanations and cannot proceed. The GreenWatcher then has an additional safety system that is linked to its basic principle. Those who benefit from the the EcoAssessment are actually the operators as they obtain a scientific environmental measurement of their own space and, based on this, they can improve and save. To fill in an EcoAssessment with false data would be like showing a helpful doctor false blood test results.