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Editorial Staff

Contact The Green Watcher team for information on the portal, on account management, to give us good news, or to ask us a question.

Scientific team

The brains of our organisation are here to answer questions at this address. Do you have questions on how sustainability is calculated, on our criteria or how reliable the method is? Please get in touch if our explanations are not enough and you want more in-depth information or simply to compare information on green subject matters.

Green Watchers

Are you a registered user on The Green Watcher? If giving EcoOpinions is not enough and you want to share and talk about experiences on special green areas that you saw around the world then send us your material (always include pictures and accurate information). The best entries will be published and you will obviously be credited.


Are you a registered company on The Green Watcher? Let us know the green initiatives you want to launch (attach photos and information: title, data, location and a brief description). Please send us everything in good time (at least 1 week before). We will take care of the advertising. Don't forget to send us other photos and more information on how it went once the event has taken place. We will continue to publish what you send.