What's The GreenWatcher App?

Promote your activity using our proximity marketing tool, optimize your offer and obtain more customers.

The Greenwatcher for business offers to activities with an active subscription the App for Green Coupon management: exclusive promotions and discounts to be offered to the Green Watchers' customer community. Download the App (available for iOS and Android) and manage your Green Coupons fast and easily.

What's The GreenWatcher App?

A Green Coupon is a special offer or a discount offered by a sustainable company listed on The GreenWatcher to active users.

In order to activate the App, a company must have its EcoAssessment, while an user must have given at least one EcoOpinion (approved and published).

Remember that you can give your own EcoOpinion from anywhere, creating new GreenWatcher places: the greengrocer on the corner, the park where your kids play, the club on a Friday night, your holiday hotel, the restaurant of your last work meeting, your office, the gym where you keep fit. Your EcoOpinion rewards you.

The GreenWatcher App

How does it work?

Choose the promotion to offer and establish the period legth
Print the green code and show it
People who have made at least one EcoOpinion (approved and published) will scan your green code and will get a green coupon that they will show you when payment is done on their device
During the promotion your activity will be in evidence in the proximity researches of the customers
Keep an eye on the green coupon's success and optimize you offers

How can I use Green Coupons?

The GreenWatcher, while helping you promoting your eco-friendly reputation among green loving people, offers you a complete marketing tool to increase your sales, reach your business goals and reward customers' loyalty.

Activate Green Coupons to optimize your sales, promote a new service or a new product, grab new customers: launch the new menu or the latest product; optimize provisions; fill your venue out of rush hours; offer special prices to specific typologies of customers (students, workers, moms, retireds, etc.); organize special weekly events.

Manage your promotions in complete autonomy according to your activity's needs, every time you want. There are non restrictions of time or duration: turn on or turn off your Green Coupons with a clik from your personal area when you want.

The service is included in the year-long subscriptions: no percentage on sales made through Green Coupons will be due to The GreenWatcher: this is our contribution to green economy.

Download the App

The App The GreenWatcher is free and available for iOS e Android.
Remember to do a EcoOpinion and if you are a company to male a EcoAssessment for your activity.The sustainability waiting for you.