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Choose eco-sustainability, every dayChoose eco-sustainability, every dayChoose eco-sustainability, every day
Choose eco-sustainability, every day
Choose eco-sustainability, every dayChoose eco-sustainability, every day

Choose eco-sustainability, every day


Duccio Brunelli – CEO
Scientific project coordinator & Eco-sustainability expert
Architect, PHD in Design and Innovation, his research always focusing on project and marketing tools to communicate sustainability through designed spaces. He has developed and published researches on eco-sustainability with Italian and foreign universities.

Amina Mauro - VP Content & Operations
Operative coordinator & eco-sustainability specialist
Architect with 10 years experience in eco-sustainable design of spaces and products. She collaborated on the scientific drafting of researches on ecosustainability elaborating algorithms for measurement of environmental performance of designed spaces.

Andrea Cinelli - VP Technology & Marketing
eUsability and user-centered functional design
Graduated in history and philosophy, he has 20 years experience as curator of info-portals, corporate intranets and websites, educational CD Roms, edutainment projects and integrated communication campaigns. He is a specialist in usability and user-centered functional graphic design.

Raffaella Signorini- VP Offer Development
Digital marketing & consumer engagement expert.
Graduated in medieval literature, PhD in history of exploration of cartography and geography, she is expert in development of integrated communication projects and interactive projects such as web sites, advertising on line, off line campaigns on traditional media, social media, advergames.

Salvatore Covelli
Technical supervisor & eco-sustainability specialist
Architect, in the last 15 years he has been working on environmental mitigation of industrial plants, urban re-qualification projects, design of energy recovery and renewable energy plants.

Sandra Giorgetti
Institutional account manager

Riccardo Briani
General account manager

Rudi Ulivi
Content manager

Giuseppe Lepri
Tourism and events area testimonial


Marco Vitti
General commercial strategy consultant

Deloitte Italy spa
Financial advisory


The GreenWatcher srl

Via Freguglia 10 – 20122 Milano
Via Lomazzo 34 – 20154 Milano
Via Gino Capponi 26 – 50121 Firenze

Share capital € 10.000,00 
IT 09092740969