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5 Good reasons to choose a sustainable hotel

22 October 2015

Why staying in an eco friendly accommodation

No matter if you will be surrounded by nature or in the middle of a main city. You can make ecotourism in any place you've decided to spend your holiday. As well as being ethically green, you will enjoy many benefits. The GreenWatcher recommends you these:

A warm welcome

Who runs a sustainable structure puts passion in everything he does and everything he realizes is for his guest. Your room will be furnished with natural materials and will be cleaned with environmentally friendly detergents.

Healthy eating

Breakfasts and meals are prepared with 0km and organic food. This means that products are found in the area and therefore they’re fresh, seasonal and typical of the territory where you are. You can bet that those who put so much care in finding such products put as much into cooking them for you!

You’ll save a lot of energy

Eco friendly accommodations self-produce the energy they consume. Hot water is produced by the sun as well as electricity. This doesn’t mean that you can freely waste it because very often it isn’t enough to cover the entire demand and, if it's not you using all that energy, it will be used by your room neighbor.

You’ll forget the car stress

A sustainable hotel is well served by public transportation or by other kinds of collective transport. It also offers a bike sharing service to its customers or is in an area where you can move simply walking by. Reach it by train and forget queues on the highway, you’ll have time to read a good book.

You’ll produce less waste

Recycling starts from client but comes from the management even if you don’t perceive it. Your drinks are contained in returnable glass, that can be easily recycled and in the kitchen people know very well how to separate waste.

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