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Ecosustainable design in Bologna

18 April 2016

Ecosustainable design in Bologna in the name of recycling and reuse

In Bologna design is not only originality and creativity but also ecosustainability! In this guide The GreenWatcher makes you find out secondhand markets, small shops and design stores for your eco-friendly purchases.

Cinius Arredamento
Via Augusto Righi 13B
Cinius arredamento is an eco-friendly company that sells accessories and furniture in Japanese style: tatami, futon mattresses, custom-made cupboards, doors and sliding walls, ecologic beds, sofa beds, ergonomic chairs, zen gardens, kakemono and much more. Furniture is made with solid wood of European origin, rough or treated with natural paints. Besides Cinius Arredamento has eliminated ramin wood from the own production, as it is specified in the guide of Green Peace on the use of wood, replacing it with beech and ash and using FSC (international forest certification) certified suppliers.
Cinius Arredamento reaches an EcoOpinion of 4.3 

Via Santa Croce 11
Recycling and reuse are important for a sustainable development! At Crocevia, one of the many secondhand markets  in Bologna, you can find a wide variety of products: clothes, electronic devices, furniture, discs, books and various trinkets. Everything unused can be showed for free at the market and you receive a refund of 50% to 65% if it is sold.
Crocevia has an EcoOpinion of 4.3 on The GreenWatcher!

Via Pasubio 39
Mercatopoli is a shop where you can show everything unused that can be useful for other people. The ecosustainability is reached by small easy actions, avoiding waste and promoting recycling rather than getting rid of unused objects to buy new ones. At Mercatopoli you can find furniture and collecting, clothes, gifts and fancy goods. Every object is original and unique! Besides in the shop you can ask for further services like home assessments, transfers and clearings.
The EcoOpinion for Mercatopoli is 4.0

Maisons Du Monde Italie
Via Rizzoli 28
Maisons Du Monde Italie is a company specialized in production and sales of in and outdoor furniture, accessories, kitchen dishes and textiles. Furniture is handcrafted and every piece has an own evolution. Besides Maisons Du Monde is working on a production more and more ecosustainable, trying to use eco-friendly products, traceable and certified to promote a more responsible trade. Particular attention is given to the choice of wood, principally from forests treated in an ecosustainable way.
Maisons Du Monde Italie has an EcoOpinion of 3.7

Eta Beta + Archimede & Co
Via Sant'Isaia 31/b 
Eta Beta + Archimede & Co' is a creative shop in perfect green style. Forniture with recycled objects and materials is handcrafted. In this shop old unused objects gain a new life: tyres of cars that become chairs, dishes and trays changed into clocks, old pans with a bulb in the middle that turned into original lights. The result is an unique ecosustainable design.
Eta Beta + Archimede & Co has an EcoOpinion of 3.5

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