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Ecosustainable design in Florence

21 March 2016

Discover the arts and crafts, find the furniture

Today we bring you in Florence to find some ecosustainable shops where you will spend some time to discover eco-friendly objects and green furnishings for your home. You won't be disappointed by our small guide!

MIO Concept Store
Via della Spada 34R
The MIO motto is "Design inspired by the elegance of awareness". The personal research of the Foundress combines the environmental sustainability with the elegance of the unique items that showcases. The collection is constantly changing and you can find from furniture made with recycled paper or reusing barrels of oil to some works of Street art by famous artists.
MIO Concept Store is one of our EcoAssessed activities with an EcoScore of 5.3

Sdam Factory
Via Romana 82R
Self-production and beyond. The micro store is located in Oltrarno and you will find home decor and gifts also custom made for you ... Candelabra made with recycled hydraulic pipes, old style lamps, soaps packed in cardboard or recycled paper. If you choose a gift get the package from the owner, you will make a great impression!
The EcoOpinion for Sdam Factory is currently 4.2

Progetto verde
Piazza Torquato Tasso 11
Progetto verde began as a cultural association in unsuspected times, during the '80, to spread the concept of ecosustainable buildings careful both for health and for the environmental sustainability. During the '90 is then opened the "Centro di Bioedilizia" in Piazza Tasso, where you can find products for sustainable building, ecological furniture and craft objects highly selected for non-toxicity and for the development of local traditions.
Through their lab and carpentry also provide custom furniture focusing not only on raw materials but also on the processes of production, marketing and installation.
Progetto verde scored 3.3 points from our EcoOpinions

Baboo Kids Design
Via Arnolfo 23R
A place by the unusual combination, furniture and clothing, but with a common thread: high quality craftsmanship for your kids also very tiny. The idea is of two sisters, architect the first one, costume designer the second one. In addition to their creations, made of natural materials and organic fabrics you will find in this store-lab international brand products for wooden toys and small accessories. Montessori method inspired furnishings while ecosustainable clothing is inspired by the works of the old times Grandmothers.
Baboo Kids Design has an EcoOpinion of 2.9 points

Bottega Montebello
Via dei Servi 111
In this little shop you can go fishing in the historic center. You will find many small and large objects for the home but the real stars are the fishes. Real pieces of craft art made from old wooden boards painted. Our favorites are the sardines!
The Bottega Montebello reaches an EcoOpinion of 2.9 points

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