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Ecosustainable design in Milan

2 May 2016

​Ecosustainable design is a star in Milan

Natural, essential and country chic. These are the keywords for the ecosustainable design in Milan. Find out it in the guide of The GreenWatcher!

Zara Home
Piazza San Babila 5
Not only clothes but also furniture! After Zara famous brand of Spanish clothing, Zara Home is born, a brand dedicated to products and accessories for home. It offers a wide selection for every room and a range of stools and tables with irregular shapes made of rough wood without surface paints for a natural and essential design.
The EcoOpinion for Zara Home is 4.2

High Tech
Piazza XXV Aprile 12
High Tech is a big shop in the center of Milan that frames a large selection of furniture, gifts and fancy goods, perfumes, fashion accessories and household articles. Furniture is made with quality materials and design: sofas and armchairs of fabric or leather, chairs and stools in minimalist style made of metal or wood, wood libraries and desks designed to suitable for every room, wood desks sometimes brought to iron and glass to create material contrasts. The wood is worked with natural finish for an essential and ecosustainable design and some pieces of furniture are made of recycled wood.
High Tech reaches an EcoOpinion of 4.2 on The GreenWatcher!

Corso XXII Marzo 40
Siddharta is a shop that sells clothes, accessories and furniture in ethnic and oriental style. Furniture comes from Tibet, India, Thailand and Indonesia and are principally of wood for a modern and classic interior design. And if you want to decorate the walls of your home, in this shop you can also find handmade tapestries created with fabric recycled by old formal sari to give a dab of green and colour.
Siddharta has an EcoOpinion of 3.4

Showroom Lessmore
Via P. da Cannobio 9
For who wants to feast own eyes on good ecosustainable design, Lessmore showroom represents the ideal place. In the showroom you can find cardboard furniture of “Giorgio Caporaso Ecodesign Collection”, drawn by the italian architect and designer Giorgio Caporaso. Not simple furniture, but expression of a real eco-friendly philosophy that respects environment and answers the needs of a mobile and changing life.
The EcoOpinion for Showroom Lessmore is 2.0

Progetto Store
Viale Zara 113
In this shop you can find furniture of quality brands like Minacciolo, an italian company, international leader in the furniture market both in country style and contemporary one. And it doesn’t lack the attention to ecosustainability. Every product of Minacciolo is made of natural materials. The wood comes exclusively from controlled reforestation plantations and it is colored using water paints that reduce toxic emissions.
Progetto Store has an EcoOpinion with a score of 1.6

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