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Ecosustainable design in Naples

18 April 2016

Rediscovering craft productions for an eco-friendly design

For who is in Naples and looks for original and ecosustainable design, here is the guide of The GreenWatcher that suggests where you can go.

Cooperativa ‘O Pappece - Bottega del Mondo
Vico Monteleone 8/9
It is a cooperative active in fair trade, promoting the purchase of goods according to principles of sociality and ecosustainability. In the shop in Naples you can find food but also craft productions. Handmade stationery, bags and accessories created with textiles from far countries and objects for home. Crockery made of ceramic and recycled glass, wooden tools and original baskets with palm leaves, banana, jute, rush and seagrass.
Cooperativa ‘O Pappece reaches an EcoOpinion of 4.2 

La Gabbianella
Via Santa Brigida 23
In this shop you can find a wide variety of gifts and fancy goods for home, crockery but also fabrics like carpets and original tapestries. Everything is created with craft techniques and materials come from the ground for a production of unique and ecosustainable design. Many-coloured ceramics, pans created with porous clay, vetrified on the surface without using heavy metals, terracotta objects, hand painted and customizable according to the requirements of customers that look for original design.
La Gabbianella has an EcoOpinion with a score of 4.2

Via Gian Lorenzo Bernini 94
Artemide is one of the most known lighting brand in the world and a leader in the lighting sector for home and professional places. The sustainable development is a value shared by Artemide because design has a key role to control and reduce the impact procured by a product on the environment during its life cycle. Its commitment to ecosustainability is realized by promoting some leading products in the version with low energy consumption.
Artemide reaches an EcoOpinion of 4.2 on The GreenWatcher!

Preziosità Officina Orafa
Via Toledo 306
Preziosità Officina Orafa was founded by the desire to carry on the old tradition of the Neapolitan goldsmith's art, from the production to the craft creation, using just raw materials like silver, gold and precious stones. Since 2004 the founder Francesco Parmigiano has started a collaborative relationship with the artist Maria R. Iacovone, expert in jewelry design and goldsmith's art. This collaboration has brought about an enrichment of the variety of the jewels, from the classic style to design, creating original objects without usual classifications.
The EcoOpinion for Preziosità Officina Orafa is 4.2

Via Cervantes 58 
Ferrari is a reference point for the world of furniture, distributor of the largest italian companies producing kitchens, living rooms, cupboards, beds, lighting, furniture and accessories. Every details is realized looking at efficiency, selection of materials and combinations.
Ferrari has an EcoOpinion of 2.9

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