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Ecosustainable design in Turin

25 April 2016

Eco friendly products design in Turin is alternative

Turin shows us how to be environmentally sustainable and creative at the same time! The GreenWatcher takes you in Turin to discover an alternative kind of design that has made eco-sustainability its strength.

SdV Bottega d’avorio
Via Aquileia 6
Creativity and imagination in recovering old furnishing, avoid waste and spreading the idea of sustainable development. At SdV Bottega d’avorio what looks old and useless, with a bit of creativity and passion shines again with a new light. In the workshop they restore antique furniture, renovated in Provencal, shabby chic and country style. You can also find curtains, retrò porcelain, armchairs and pet supplies such as dog houses in Provencal style. SDV Bottega d’avorio reaches an EcoOpinion of 4.1

Mobilificio Ieva
Via Bene Vagienna 23
Mobilificio Ieva is a family management furniture store where you can find a large display of classic style and modern home furnishings. They’re quality furniture and complements, guaranteed by the company through the choice of raw materials, processing techniques and attention to detail in the final result. It also offers the possibility to customize the furniture, all available in the colors required by the customer.
Mobilifico Ieva has an EcoOpinion of 3.8

Via Garibaldi 3
Muji is a Japanese franchise that sells unbranded products but of good quality. Offers a wide range of items: clothing, bedding, accessories and home furnishings. It's simple and essential furniture, mainly made of natural wood with no added surface paints.
The EcoOpinion for Muji is 2.9 on The GreenWatcher!

Via Barbaroux 16B
Recycle and reuse for an ecosustainable design. Arredo70 is a small company that was born from the idea of making design accessible to all budgets, proposing furnishings especially from the ‘70s revisited in the colors and materials. The old that becomes new and contemporary with creativity, originality and a splash of color. 
Arredo70 has an EcoOpinion of 2.9 points

Ecò – Zona Sostenibile
Via Cibrario 2
At Ecò – Zona Sostenibile you can find products for the home and ecological objects made by Marameo Design. It is cardboard furniture designed to furnish spaces in an alternative style and in an environmentally friendly way. Ecò is also an eco -friendly shop that offers clothing for men and women in natural fibers, organic cosmetics products made cruelty free and ecologic detergents on tap.
Ecò – Zona Sostenibile has an EcoOpinion of 2.6

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