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Ecosustainable design in Venice

9 May 2016

From local crafts to the big names in design

We want to disprove those who believe that in Venice you can find just junk or souvenirs for tourists. In the city there are also craft excellence recognized worldwide and beautiful showroom of designer furniture. You just have to know where to look in the Venetian maze!

Carlo Moretti
Fondamenta Manin 3, Murano
Just have a look curiously in the showroom of Carlo Moretti means retracing 50 years of design history of Murano glass. Here you will find not only the current production but also pieces of research and experimentation that have transformed the taste and style of this millenary tradition of the lagoon island. This factory as well as being a trademark of Italian excellence in the world, is also an ecologic company because it continues to interpret the modernity, in the respect of the Venice lagoon thanks to socially responsible and sustainable behavior towards the environment.
The EcoOpinions of Carlo Moretti reaches 2.4

Ditta Emaldi
Calle delle Acque 4837, San Marco
If you want to have in your house a typical Venetian artisan product, the Ditta Emaldi, certainly worth a visit. You will find a wide assortment of small and large objects, from gifts to the great artistic chandeliers from Murano. The glass and crystal in all forms.
The EcoOpinion of Ditta Emaldi is 1.5

Boselli Arredamenti
Calle de la Madona 2241b, Dorsoduro
Boselli Arredamenti is present in the heart of Venice since 1960 in the spaces of Castello. From 2011 has moved in a beautiful 19th-century warehouse overlooking a canal. The space, mutable and flexible, exposes some of the best known brands of international design, from Artek to Zeus ...
The EcoOpinion of our users is 1.4

Alberto Valese Ebru
Campo Santo Stefano 347, San Marco
The Maestro Valese is known worldwide for its marbled papers and for their precious bindings and complements that with this they make. Ebru is the Turkic word designating the particular technique of paper decoration that imitates the marble grain. Even if you're not collectors will find the product for you as a gifts or as a souvenir of your ecotourism holiday trip.
Alberto Valese Ebru has an EcoOpinion of 2.2

Rio Terà de la Maddalena 2083, Cannaregio
Roberta Molin describes his Carta&Design "a concept store... who doesn't know be a concept store". Between objects and accessories of various brands you will also find her graphics and design creations and her handmade natural rubber bijoux. Sustainable tourism is also getting closer to local realities…
Your EcoOpinion is 2.1

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