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Ecosustainable fashion in Milan

15 February 2016

From eco-friendly clothes to ecosustainable fashion!

In its commitment to sustainable development and to a more and more eco-friendly culture, The GreenWatcher carry you to Milan with the guide of eco-friendly shops to discover a new ecosustainable and trendy way of dressing.

Canvas fibre naturali
Via Melzo 28
Around the market and the standardization, Canvas stands out for the quality of its tissues and finishes that made its products unique and original. Clothes are entirely made in Italy by artisans and the colors are with ecologic tints without toxic substances like synthetic dyes, amines and heavy materials. The selected materials are hemp, linen, wool, organic cotton, silk, bamboo and ramie. The wool is certified and meets the ideals of vegans because the shearing is made by hand.
Your EcoOpinion reaches a score of 2.4

Cavalli e Nastri
Via Brera 2
Cavalli e Nastri is known in Milan for vintage clothes for day and mostly for night from 1940 to present days. It's the right shop for bon vivants, for people that look for originality, uniqueness and most of all eco-friendly clothes. Indeed in the shop you can find clothes of new emerging designers, selected every year, and recycled clothes. They are in vintage style and are made up by young dressmakers and designers with creativity and innovation to give a new life to tissues and shapes of the past.
Cavalli e Nastri has an EcoOpinion of 2.3 on The GreenWatcher!

Baby's in Black
Via Eustachi 6
Baby's in Black is a shop-laboratory where clothes and accessories are made in handcrafted way and with attention to ecosustainability. Classic fabrics are used with recycled materials like oddments, fabric scraps and sample of companies. The result consists of original clothing collections, bags and fabric jewelry that respect people and the environment joining the principles of sustainable fashion.
The EcoOpinion for Baby's in Black is 1.4

Il Girotondo
Via Thaon di Revel 8
Il Girotondo is a shop with ecologic clothes and accessories for children that stands out for selected quality of its products. It offers only clothes in natural fiber with organic certification. Between products for sale you can find also pillows and mattresses made of spelt chaff with organic certification. This is a material with beneficial and therapeutic properties that can treat and prevent sleep-related disorders for the happiness of moms and dads!
Your EcoOpinion for Il Girotondo is 1.2

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