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Ecosustainable fashion in Rome

22 February 2016

A tour to discover the ecosustainable fashion in Rome!

This week The GreenWatcher has a great start and brings you to the Italian capital between history, archeology, architecture and ecosustainability obviously!

Made in Testaccio
Ex mattatoio – Largo Dino Fisullo
Made in Testaccio is a laboratory where tradition, art, creativity are mixed together to create accessories, clothes, furniture characterized by exclusivity. Originality, reuse and fabrics from developing countries are what made of Made in testaccio an artistic space but also ecosustainable and supportive, in line with ethical and sustainable fashion. Old sleeves of a coat can become a cap or the ruffle of a skirt the heart of a Christmas tablecloth.
Made in Testaccio has an EcoOpinion of 1.9 on The GreenWatcher!

Rétro eco à porter
Via Carlo del Greco 73
Rétro was born by Manuela De Sanctis, fashion designer of the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome, with the idea of creating handmade ecofashion for women. Indeed organic and eco-friendly fabrics are used. They are selected in some small italian businesses to promote the made in Italy. The organic fibers and the tinctures for clothes are without harmful substances for the environment and for skin health. Another green choice of Rétro is the use of cards and advertising materials printed on recycled paper and cotton embroidered labels.
Rétro eco à porter reaches an EcoOpinion of 1.6

Eco Wear
Via del Vantaggio 32-43
The first and most famous ecofashion shop in Rome, born in 1995. The natural world is its slogan. Indeed clothes are made with natural materials like hemp, cotton, silk, sponges, wool without chemical treatments.. This is perfect for people suffering from skin allergies, but also for who wants to try the pleasure of wearing in a healthy and clever way and most of all in an ecosustainable way.
The EcoOpinion for Eco Wear is 1.2

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