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Ecosustainable fashion in Turin

23 February 2016

The new trend for ecosustainable fashion in Turin!

Ecosustainability and sustainable development in the world of fashion represent a plus for the products. The GreenWatcher shows you some shops in Turin that prove that!

Via Mazzini 37/F
Italian boutique for a green life. It is important reconciling with the earth without denying or giving up the pleasure, the welfare and aesthetics that do not lose anything if they join the ecologic principles of ecofashion. Greenlife produces its clothes checking their environmental impact, from the beginning, choosing the right materials without harmful substances. Organic cotton, bamboo fiber, tencel eucalyptus, nettle, hemp are the used materials that are dyed with certificated GOTS colors and natural dyes (licorice, madder, logwood and indigo plant) or with screen printing with water colors. Greenlife means also original clothes because it made unique products with residues, unsold clothes, scraps of fabric or recycled materials for the accessories.
Greenlife has an EcoOpinion of 1.6

Via Guastalla 10
Shop with fresh and enjoyable atmosphere, cheerful colors and original shapes. In Viavai you can find clothes and accessories for women, men and unisex, selected around Europe. Viavai promotes ecosustainability with special accessory collections made recycling materials and joining green events. It cooperates with other ecosustainable businesses to offer customers design, originality and refinement. But ecosustainability for Viavai is not only for the products. Indeed the shop has an interior design made of old reworked furniture; the lighting is with low consumption bulbs; bags and envelopes are exclusively of paper; the disposal of the rubbish is practiced with the waste recycling.
Viavai reaches an EcoOpinion of 1.6

Via G. Balbis 1
Quagga represents the brand of ecosustainable fashion, actual clothes with a high aesthetic value, functional and eco-friendly. Materials, carefully selected, are 100% made of recycled fibers without harmful substances to respect the health of the consumer, of the skilled workers, of the environment. The fabric providers are also selected according to their environmental certifications. For its modern and rich in details design Quagga proves that being ecosustainable does not mean waiving technical performance, comfort and aesthetics.
The EcoOpinion for Quagga is 1.2

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