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Ecosustainable hotels in Bologna

1 February 2016


Could not miss, after our review on stores of Bologna, the ecosustainable hotel of the city.
Do you want to spend a weekend with your partner? Or do you want to visit the city? Bologna is not just a university city but also a touristic one.

Via F. Parri 9
The Savhotel has been visited by our Official GreenWatcher Letizia Palmisano who did not fail to notice the small and large green measures put in place by the property. Unlike other great hotels, this 4 star hotel communicates to its guests our eco-friendly character through small signs and short explanatory texts. SavHotel reaches an EcoOpinion of 2.9 points
Alloro Suite Hotel
Via Ferrarese 161
Alloro Suite Hotel joins to EcoWorldHotel which groups eco-friendly hotels in Italy. For this he decided to offer its guests a series of sustainable solutions like the electricity that comes from renewable RECS European certified, waste recycling and reducing waste energy and water through the use of technologies with low environmental impact. For example each of the 92 rooms is equipped with an automatic temperature system to avoiding wastage. Your EcoOpinion of Alloro Suite Hotel is 3.2 points
Best Western City Hotel
Via Magenta 10
The Best Western City Hotel is part of Best Western City Italy, who worked assiduously of environmental issues. Through important green solutions offers to its clients 92 ecosustainable rooms.These are equipped with faucets with a system of water saving in the flow and with automatic systems of temperature regulation to avoid waste of heating and air conditioning. They also makes a good recycling and consumption are closely monitored for sustainable savings and reducing waste. Your EcoOpinion on Best Western City Hotel Bologna is 3.8
B&B Biocasamia
Via Riva di Reno 3
By the testing of bio-architecture was born in 2006 B&B Biocasamia in Bologna. Located close to the city center it has completely organic materials from soundproofing to paints, from wood treatments up to the shielded electrical system. Everything respects the guidelines for energy savings. B&B Biocasamia reaches an EcoOpinion with a score of 2.9

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We would like to know what do you think about these hotels with your EcoOpinion. If instead you have a business and you want to know how ecosustainable it is, try our EcoAsses and get The GreeWatcher Certificate of eco-sustainability!