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Ecosustainable hotels in Milan

11 December 2015

Choosing sustainability is easier than you think!

Today we are in Milan, which greatly increased its ecological awareness in recent years and in particular, as we know, during EXPO. The list of green hotels that we present in this post consists in three worlds very different from each other but with the lowest common denominator of ecosustainability.

Hotel Milano Scala
Via dell’Orso, 7 Milan
It’s the first "zero emissions" hotel in Milan and one of the landmarks of sustainable tourismin city. In 2012 was awarded with the prestigious "Hospitality Award" in the category "Management & Project Innovation" for the multiple measures adopted. From the more structural of sustainable architecture as the heat pumps of heating and cooling system without emission of pollutants and the automated air conditioning controlled directly by the front desk to avoid any waste of energy, to those closer to the services offered as the ecosustainable bathrooms made with biodegradable and recycled materials. In the kitchen are prepared Km100 ingredients and, last but not least, the hotel uses a company electric car 100% eco-friendly! Hotel Milano Scala achieves an EcoOpinion of 3.3 points.

Enterprise Hotel
Corso Sempione, 91 Milan
It rises by acommitted and innovative industrial recovery: where today we find the hotel, yesterday we had the typography factory of the famous Settimana Enigmistica and even before the head office of a famous radio factory.
Since 2009 the hotel has embarked on a series of gradual processes that involved it in numerous activities and projects as readjust the building in an ecologic way and provide it with efficient technologies lightning, systematically organize the and check the air filtering.Don’t forget to pass at Sophia’s Restaurant, engine of a culinary culture of territorial andorganic foods. Enterprise Hotel gets an EcoOpinion of 1.9 points.

Espresso Hotel – Milano Linate
Via Francesco Baracca, 19 Milan
Last but not least, Epresso Hotel in Milan Linate.Have you ever heard about “social hotel”? It concerns a process of sharing, through which is possible to enjoy a coffee with friends at the cafeteria, after that the hotel will provide you an EspressoPad through which you can post your profile online and choose who eventually meet. All this in green environment: in fact,the hotel has installeda multitude of solar photovoltaic panels on the terrace and the lighting is totally LED. Sensibility is directed also tothe theme of sustainable mobility: infact it’s possible to rent E-VAI electric cars directly from the parking. For the Hotel at Milano Linate our EcoOpinion, at the moment, is of 2.9 points!

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We would appreciate receiving your EcoOpinion about these hotels… otherwise, if you have an hotel business and want to know how much sustainable is, try the EcoAsses and get TheGreenWatcher Certificate of Ecosustainability!