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Ecosustainable restaurants in Bologna

25 January 2016

Healthy eating for a better life

Vegetarian and vegan fast food, seasonal fruit and vegetable and 100% organic short chain food: we have to feel free from stress and daily monotony and choose healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Today our review shows the top 3 ecosustainable restaurants in Bologna.
Restaurant Estravagario
Via Mascarella, 81/H
Estravagario restaurant gives a strong motivation to choose food from biological agriculture. Everything starts with a coffee: raw material that is grown in a fair way can change life of people in the other part of the world. A controlled agriculture is not only ethically weighted but also socially useful and ecosustainable. Vegetarian menu has ecologic reasons connected to energy and social saving. Estravagario offers interesting meetings too: lately The medieval dinner, a cooking class, a meeting on Cambogia and an interesting exibition called "In a space outta sounds" that is inspired by Nightmares on Wax by Simone Tosato's record. Restaurant Estravagario has received an EcoOpinion with a score of 2.7.
Via Centotrecento, 12
Cento3CentVeg is both a sandwich shop and a fast food. It offers catering service for refreshments, vegetarian sandwiches with organic foods and also other types of gastronomy as sushi. The official website of the restaurant is a blog that promotes steadily available menu . Recyclable and compostable tablewares are used in line with ecosustainability. EcoOpinion for Cento3CentoVeg is 1.5.
Via Cavaioni, 1
Ca-Shin is located in Parco Cavaioni, that is 10 minutes from the center of Bologna. It's a cooperative ("Le ali" Social Cooperative) and it shares ideals of ecosustainability together with technology and innovation, looking for the rediscovery of cooking methods and cultivation, respecting natural cycles like the cycle of the seasons. The activities of the cooperative are very interesting: smart projects are an example; their purpose is rediscovery the green areas of Bologna involving actively the population, changing lifestyles with the use of tecnology to improve the life quality. Can-Shin reaches an EcoOpinion with a score of 1.5.

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