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Ecosustainable restaurants in Florence

14 March 2016

In the Tuscan capital much more than ecosustainability

Choose one of the ecosustainable restaurants in Florence suggested by The GreenWatcher for a lunch, a dinner, a happy hour or a fast breakfast in green style!

Ristorante Gesto
Borgo San Frediano 27r
Gesto in name and in fact! Yes because you can save and be more ecosustainable with a simple action. Who choose this restaurant for a lunch or a dinner don't find the waiter that will ask “What would you like to eat?” but he will have a little blackboard where writing his order. A little multifunctional blackboard that becomes also a plate or a tray. Gesto restaurant chose this solution to save water, paper, costs for equipment and staff to offer customers low cost healthy meals that respect the environment.
Gesto restaurant has an EcoAssess of 8.8 on The GreenWatcher!

Silvana bio vegan food
Via de' Neri 12r
Silvana is a reference address in the center of Florence for who wants a conscious healthy eating. It is not just a restaurant but also a bar for the breakfast or a fast snack. It offers menu with seasonal organic foods and based on the available products of the market. Besides raw materials are bought by selected local suppliers. The green personality of Silvana is not just the food but also the interior design with the use of recycled objects like fruit boxes on the walls as shelves or old jars and little tin buckets used as vases for plants to make cozier the interiors.
The EcoOpinion for Silvana is of 4.0

Il Borro Tuscan Bistro
Lungarno Acciaiuoli 80r
Il Borro Tuscan Bistro is an innovative place between restaurant, wine bar and shop with a strong ecosustainable vocation in the food and in the interior design. Il Borro guarantees a great attention and care of the food quality with a selection of the raw materials, supplied by organic producers or strongly oriented towards environmental sustainability. A healthy eating to taste inside a well designed restaurant that respects the environment. Lighting design has been thought to ensure the right light and energy saving, placing light points in the correct position and using leds lights. Also the kitchen facilities have been made following quality and energy saving, so that staff can work with professionalism respecting the environment.
Il Borro reaches an EcoOpinion of 3.8

Piazza de' Nerli 1
Berberè – craft pizza & beer has its strength in the production of pizza. The menu of Berberè offers selected pizzas, with particular attention to vegetarian ones, that use doughs with only stone minced organic flour instead of wheat flour. Another peculiarity is the use of sourdough without chemical yeast that ensures a high digestibility. The love for a healthy eating is not just for the pizza. Meals are accompanied by craft beer on tap that are produced by independent breweries with selected raw materials, chosen to have the best combinations with the offered food.
Berberè has an EcoOpinion of 2.5

La Raccolta – Bio Restaurant
Via Leopardi 2 r
La Raccolta is a bar, market and sustainable restaurant. It offers healthy and tasty recipes made with organic foods, the result of passion, creativity and love for the environment. The menu changes daily because of the use of seasonal organic raw materials selected by small local businesses that have a certification. Quality of the food and also care to cook it with purified water, vacuum preparation or at low temperatures and with short time to maintain the nutritional properties. A meal at the bio restaurant La Raccolta will be a nice relaxing time where you can taste good food respecting nature.
The EcoOpinion for La Raccolta is of 2.2

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