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Ecosustainable restaurants in Naples

28 December 2015

Neapolitan and organic culinary art taste

Today we present a review of restaurants which, thanks to you, achieved The GreenWatcher. We are in Naples, the country of the culinary arts, which lately is increasingly dedicating to healthy eating and organic foods, even vegans and vegetarians. Below a choice of ecosustainable restaurants that you could find in the city:

Via mezzo cannone 83
Awareness is the basilar element of ‘O GRIN philosophy. Such as being vegan combines the care of the ecosystem, through the rejection of animal suffering, to that for ourselves. Farmings that produce organic foods avoid using fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and synthetic chemical preservatives. Km0 philosophy preserves the organoleptic properties and lastly Refuse0 philosophy, by which ‘O GRIN stands, avoids the use of plastic bottles rather than using those biodegradable. ‘O GRIN achieves an EcoOpinion of 2.9 points.

Vico S. Pietro a Maiella 6
Amico Bio is characterized by the use of ingredients from biodynamic agriculture, a method developed by Rudolf Steiner who claims that the soil and life are one system from which develops agriculture itself. It is interesting to note that, increasingly, there are plenty of restaurants that promote organic foods and environmental sustainability, encouraging at the same time also a holistic between living things and their environment. Healthy eating is becoming for many a real way of life! Amico Bio - Un Sorriso Integrale achieves in our portal 2.1 points.

Via Michelangelo Schipa 40
If you don’t want to renounce to the delicacies of Neapolitan cooking while respecting the environment, Biotic is your place. In fact you will find here the quality of territorial products, at Km0 too, and the freshness of those organic; it’s suitable either to vegan addicted or not! With your EcoOpinion Biotic Restaurant achieves a score of 1.7 points.

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