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Ecosustainable shops in Naples

21 December 2015

Energy and Economic saving

In our today post you will find where you can buy in Naples to save in energy terms and in economic terms and, as usual, in line with the principles of ecosustainability.

Eco Store
Via Foria 71
Certainly you will bump into the need to print a document for a deadline and you run out of ink for your printer. Choose the eco-friendly! Today we present the Eco Store chain in Naples. The franchising is specialized in selling printer consumables, particularly of remanufactured and compatible of its own brand. Retail customers can count on ink-jet cartridges compatible and economical but of quality at the same time. They are carefully selected and introduced on the market with a series of checks that guarantees its quality. The average savings is of 60%! The Ink-Jet cartridges pack is absolutely ecosustainable. The havana inside shows that have not been used chemical whiteners, while water-based inks used for outside are free of aldehydes and mineral oils; the cartridge is contained within without disposal kit to minimize the use of waste material. Eco Store's EcoOpinion is of 1.8.

Punto Bio
Via Sigmund Freud 56
Why choose healthy meals and organic cosmetics? Punto Bio explains us that taking stock on ecosustainability. Quality, quantity, competence and eco-deliveries combined with specialization in the sale of food without gluten, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, fresh products and fruit and vegetables. The world bio refuses GMOs, doesn’t use herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Animal testing are banned, in fact the dermatological tests are carried out on individuals who voluntarily submit. Bio cosmetics, on the other hand, rejects the use of chemical preservatives, aggressive surfactants, parabens, waxes, silicones, synthetic dyes and fragrances. Organic cosmetics are low environmental impact because the packaging is often made from recycled material or can be easily disposable and they have a biocompatible composition (or biodegradable). Punto Bio achieves an EcoOpinion of 2.6.

Bio c’è
Piazza dell'Immacolata
Healthy eating at a good relation quality/price? It’s possible with Bio c’è! It is an agricultural project that promotes good foods and organic meals in short and local chain. It is an idea of the Cooperativa BioAIRes, born in Naples in 2009 from the meeting between the founder and some organic farmers from Campania. The aim is to give it away to a real short, independent and autonomous agricultural chains, through which the products of the land are cultivated organically and are collected daily to be taken fresh directly in stores fresh, good and at an affordable price. Bio c’è directly and continuously work with other small/medium organic farmers and with some consortiums both Campania and other regions. Healthy eating is in that way possible while preserving the territory at affordable prices! Bio c'è achieves a point of 1.9 in our EcoOpinions.

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Remeber to review the eco -friendly shops where you went with our EcoOpinion! Otherwise, if you have a business try the EcoAssess and get The GreenWatcher Certificate of ecosustainability!