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Ecosustainable shops in Venice

1 February 2016


Today The GreenWatcher is in Venice to find the most eco-friendly shops where you can buy eco friendly products. Let's go!
Rialto Biocenter
Calle della Regina, 2264
Rialto Biocenter has become since 2010 a reference point for people that look for healthy meals, biodynamic and organic foods and macrobiotic cooking. Rialto Biocenter moved to Calle della Regina on 12nd November 2010 to offer more comfortable and suitable spaces and promote its healthy eating for an eco friendly consumption. Your EcoOpinion on The GreenWatcher is 2.6.
Campo San Barnaba 2762, Dorsoduro
Madeira thanks to the EcoOpinions of our users is recognized by our portal as careful to the environmental issue: here you will find objects, furniture, but also games, jewelry and items to the office carried out in natural and eco-friendly materials: for example glasses in bamboo fiber, also supplies in pyrex and ceramic: remember to always recycle these last two materials in the containers of mixed waste to contribute to an optimal process of waste disposal! The EcoOpinion for Madeira is of 2.4 points.
La Serenissima
Corte Coppo, 4350
Do you need to prepare an organic dinner? La Serenissima is a small supermarket based on the "Cuorebio" theme whit the FSC certificate. This certification is recognized internationally and guarantees that the product has been produced in an eco-friendly way. The shopping bags are recyclable and made in biodegradable material. For your organic purchases you will find not only fresh products but also pasta, biscuits, milk and cheese. They also offer a wide selection of cosmetic creams and many other green products. La Serenissima reaches an EcoOpinion of 2.9 points.

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