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Healthy eating in European Capitals

29 September 2015

Healthy eating in European Capitals

Sustainability is measured not only in the dishes! A restaurant can offer a sustainable food service also taking care of biodiversity, environmental protection and respect for cultures and traditions. For every European capital, we have selected one out of the many restaurants reviewed within The GreenWatcher, creating a little European guide for heathy eating.

The Drift
Heron Tower , 110 Bishopsgate, London.
A bar & restaurant with quirky collectibles, whilst offering delights such as a flambe menu, seasonal menu & innovative cocktails. Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, they focus on fresh british produce to provide with delicious, seasonal & beautifully presented dishes for every meal. 

39-41 Passage Choiseul Paris
Végitaï is the first snack of ultra fresh vegetarian food. They used only fresh products 100% vegetarian and/or vegan to be juice bar, soup bar, salad bar and dish bar. The ingredients are fresh products and the meat are vegetarian: they are made with soy, and are pleasant to non-vegetarians. This restaurant has got 5.4 of EcoScore after its EcoAssess.

Via Dire Daua, 12 Rome.
Inspired by a vision of sustainable nutrition, which combined with a strong environmental awareness, it aims to sensitise on the importance of taking healthy lifestyles and make concious purchasing decisions. Biologic/ organic is the central idea that link love and respect for the land, the ethics of production, the natural process of transformation and the pleasure of eating well and healthy.

Weinbergsweg, 3 Berlin.
The concept of Daluma is eating healthy. The fruit juices are prepared with a special cold pressing at high preassure. Unlike traditional methods, the juice is not in contact with heat and air and thus maintains all the important nutrients. To obtain maximum effect and best flavor, they are used only organic ingredients.

Herenstraat 23 Amsterdam 
They use only the freshest, organic and/or sustainably grown, natural products and any juice, smoothie, sandwich, wrap, salad and everything else is made right in front of you! The materials used for the packaging of food are all recyclable and / or biodegradable. This restaurant has got 8.2 of EcoScore after its EcoAssess.

Rude Food Malmo
Mitt Möllan, Claesgatan 8 Malmö 
They identify food wastage points in the city and actively collaborate with food waste partners to re-circulate the excess through upscale pop-up dining events and catering. The costs of Rude Food are equal to those of a normal restaurant, but the proceeds back in the circulation for the realization of new activities, while the excess is given to charity. This restaurant has got 8.7 of EcoScore after its EcoAssessment.

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