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How to recognize an ecosustainable place when you see it

22 December 2015

some pointers to get used to notice eco-friendly particulars

To be honest, we are all human. Every time we would like to reduce our environmental impact must reckon with laziness, habit, carelessness, general ignorance, and not necessarily in that order. But to the question do you consider yourself an eco-friendly buyer, the 80% of us respond yes. But how do you recognize a green place?

Let's imagine you have a dinner date. No matter if you choose the starred restaurant or pizzeria, environmental sustainability does not look at the billfold. The first thing to watch out is the furniture. Vintage pieces and recycled materials are very fashionable; benches made with old pallets are becoming very popular, and also the simple wood is increasingly widespreading. Very good! In your ecoOpinion you can take note that you have noticed "eco-friendly" materials.
Now you are hungry, but while waiting for the pizza try to notice the table: tablecloth fabric and glasses are reusable; if they are of plastic they are of the diposable kind. Here come the drinks, the water is in a jug. Great! Another point of ecosustainability to be scored on EcoOpinion.
Open the menu and read it, as well as to order, trying to find some information about any organic foods, or km0. If you do not find don't panic: the restaurant owner is human too. While enjoying dinner (we don't recommend the ecoustainability topic if you are at the first date) try to identify the lights place. Avoiding being mistaken for crazy, try to understand what kind of lamp is inside. It should not be too difficult to recognize those with low consumption, they are totally similar to those at home. This also helps to make an eco-friendly place.
At this point dinner should be finished. Leaving a last look: are there bins for recycling? Difficult in a restaurant, but in a different kind of place maybe you' ll see them. We are sure that the evening went well: so tomorrow morning, when you'll wake up together, remember your evening filling the EcoOpinion of the place where you have been! It will be beautiful and romantic ... and certainly a loving's proof!