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Organic foods in Bologna

11 April 2016

Here the guide to know where you can find organic foods in Bologna

For who is in Bologna and wants to eat healthy meals, sweet or savory, here is the guide of The GreenWatcher that suggests where you can go for your sustainable purchases.

Supermercati Sigma
Via Paolo Nanni Costa 30
In this market you can find a wide range of organic products. Pasta of durum wheat semolina made with 100% italian wheat from certified organic agriculture, honey and organic jams, kamut bread, rice and corn cakes and much more for who looks for natural and healthy eating.
The EcoOpinion for Supermercati Sigma is 4.3

Bottega della Canapa
Via Marsala 31
Bottega della Canapa is an eco-friendly shop specialized in sale of organic foods, natural make up, bags, accessories and ecologic clothes. For what regards the food sector, between the products, you can buy hemp oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids; durum wheat pasta and hemp one also gluten free and whole wheat; hemp seeds and desserts with hemp taste.
Bottega della Canapa has an EcoOpinion with a score of 3.5

Via S. Isaia 57/A
Canapè is an organic pastry shop also for vegans. Here it is possible tasting spelt and kamut brioches made without butter or margarine but with vegan custard, cookies, muffin, pies, cakes and many other sweets. Furthermore it also offers savory pies, pizza, sandwiches and ready meals changeable depending on the seasons and the availability of the daily products. Canapè sells only homemade food, cooked with 100% organic products and 0 km to ensure healthy meals, based on naturalness, respect for the animals and the environment.
Canapè reaches an EcoOpinion of 2.5 on The GreenWatcher!

Via San Carlo 12BC
Tuttoesfuso is a shop that sells only organic foods with a wide range of products from organic and macrobiotic agriculture. It is possible buying just the quantity that you need weighing it without waste. Tuttoesfuso is for a real ecosustainability! It promotes organic productions because they respect environment, people and valorize the quality of the resources of local communities and the entire agricultural ecosystem.
The EcoOpinion for Tuttoesfuso is of 2.5

E' Naturale
Via Mascarella 104/A
E' Naturale is a green shop that sells on tap. This choice comes from the desire to reduce packaging and promote a sustainable trade. The products can be bought in any quantity and you can find both organic foods and traditional ones. The selection is very careful to the quality promoting 0 km and traditional productions to support local economy.
E' Naturale has an EcoOpinion of 2.1

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