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Organic foods in Milan

21 March 2016

In Milan country moves to city between organic and 0 km foods

For Milaneses that love healthy eating and prefer organic foods here is the guide of The GreenWatcher with the suggestions on where finding green products directly in town!

Via A. e P. Cascella 8
At Biobene you can find organic foods, make up, supplements and other herbal products. For what regards the food sector it is principally constituted by milk and substitutes; biscuits of all varieties, with or without sugar, yeast, eggs, milk; cow yogurt, goat yogurt and soya one; vegan products, with tofu and seitan; durum wheat pasta, spelt, kamut, corn, rice, quinoa, soya, rye and oats. You can find products of known brands together with other ones of small producers that offer seasonal specialities.
The EcoOpinion for Biobene is of 2.3

La Cascina in città
Via Francesco Albani 55
At La Cascina in città you can find products from local organic foods producers with certification, but also without it that however grow with natural non-intensive methods. Fruit and vegetables, yogurt and fresh dairy products, cheeses, cold cuts from Ticino park, honey, jams, fresh bread, meat and rice, everything at 0 km to support the short chain and ensure freshness and quality. La Cascina in città represents a perfect shop for who looks for a sustainable and healthy eating that respects the environment. For who is interested it is also possible make online orders with home delivery three times a week or withdrawing directly in the store.
La Cascina in città has an EcoOpinion of 2.2 on The GreenWatcher!

Via Emilio de Marchi 59
Biomì is the perfect eco-friendly shop for sustainable purchases in Milan. It offers a wide range of food products for everyone that wants natural and healthy meals. Inside you can find specialized shop assistants for every different sector, from vegan food to culinary experts, experts for celiac products and cosmetics consultants and of wellness. Besides who lives in 15 Km from Biomì can make own online purchases with home or office delivery.
Biomì reaches an EcoOpinion of 2.2

Viale Coni Zugna 9
Superpolo is an eco-friendly shop noted for the wide range of offered products, for vegans, celiacs but also international and ethnic food from Greece, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, India, England and USA. At Superpolo not only organic foods but also for the wellness of the body to take care about it externally with beauty treatments and internally with organic and healthy meals. And for sport people or for who is going to make a diet there are a lot of specific products in the shop to satisfy needs of every customer.
Superpolo has an EcoOpinion with a score of 2.1

Via Giovanni Boccaccio 14
Gustorotondo offers artisanal gastronomic specialties of high quality, selected carefully. It provides to ecosustainable producers that work taking care of the health and the territory. At Gustorotondo you can find different kinds of organic foods: honey from certified organic apiculture that does not undergo any heat treatment to preserve all the nutrients; artisanal jams with high fruit content, without pectin, aromas, dyes and preservatives; fine cru and blend chocolate; extra virgin olive oil of superior quality made with only italian olives; organic wines with doc and docg certification and a lot of other specialties.
The EcoOpinion for Gusto Rotondo is of 1.9

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