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Organic foods in Naples

25 April 2016

Also Naples is not short of organic foods

Genuineness, freshness and organic foods more than anything else. Here is where you can find it in Naples, in the guide of The GreenWatcher!

La Tienda Bottega Equosolidale
Via Scarlatti 198
La Tienda Bottega Equosolidale is a shop where you can find coffee, chocolate, tea, eco friendly products and not only! In addition to food also ecologic clothes made with natural materials, craft productions and original wedding and christening souvenirs. And for who is going to celebrate own marriage La Tienda offers a lot of ideas and gifts for lists of wedding presents.
La Tienda Bottega Equosolidale has an EcoOpinion of 2.8

360 Bio
Piazzetta Matilde Serao 7
360 Bio offers a home delivery service of fruit and vegetables with certified origin in the city of Naples. Products are carefully chosen between local suppliers, preferring ecosustainable and short chain productions. At 360 Bio it is possible buying also pasta, legumes and cereals, in addition to preserves, oil, sauces and drinks, all eco-friendly high-quality products to ensure a healthy eating at lunch and dinner.
360 Bio reaches an EcoOpinion of 2.5 

Via Nuova Agnano 57/59/61
Naturamica is a link between who produces products from organic farming and who looks for healthy eating. In the shop it is possible buying organic foods but also wellness products, natural make up and much more. Naturamica proudly offers products coming straight from the ground and food without dyes, preservatives and additives together with specific products for people suffering from food intolerances or other.
The EcoOpinion for Naturamica is of 2.5 on The GreenWatcher!

Azienda Agricola Madrenatura
Via S. Chiara 30
From the ground only the good, for the ground only the best. These are the words that introduce Azienda Agricola Madrenatura. The farm has chosen an organic agricultural production method without using chemical products, preferring a healthy eating that respects people, environment and protects local products. In the shop in Naples you can find fresh fruit and vegetables according to the availability of the farm production but also of other ones growing with the same agricultural techniques.
Azienda Agricola Madrenatura has an EcoOpinion of 2.1

Emporio bio & Bar bio
Via Monte di Dio 81 
It is a shop that sells food and eco friendly products in the centre of Naples. Inside you can find salami and cold pork meats, wines, spices and much more. Then there are foods for coeliacs and people suffering from food intolerances, for example, lactose one and foods for vegans. Besides, as it is a bar, it represents the ideal place for a green break and tasting a good organic drink.
Emporio bio & Bar bio has an EcoOpinion with a score of 1.4

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