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Organic foods in Turin

4 April 2016

In Turin organic foods are at the head

In Turin there are a lot of shops for who wants to buy organic foods. The guide of The GreenWatcher helps you to find out them.

Bio Armonia
Corso Casale 95
Bio Armonia is not only an ecosustainable shop but also a centre to promote green. Every week there are conferences, demonstrations, tests of foods and make up made by professionals in organic foods and natural cosmetics. In this shop you can find products for allergy sufferers, for vegans and vegetarians. There are also sugar free foods without sucrose, sweetened with cereal malt or apple juice. Many meals are cooked without eggs, milk and dairy products or other ones from animals.
Bio Armonia has an EcoOpinion with a score of 3.0

Via Giovanni da Verazzano 21/A
GIocandia is a cooperative engaged in different sectors like fair trade and promotion of ecosustainable and craft productions to support local cultures. Inside the shop you can buy organic foods from short chain together with other products like make up, books, magazines, multimedia material and craft productions.
The EcoOpinion for GIocandia is of 3.0 on The GreenWatcher!

Casa Agape Biosocial Store
Via Goffredo Mameli 14
Casa Agape is an eco-friendly shop where you can find such a lot of ideas for healthy meals. From desserts to savoury foods, herbal teas and make up. With its products Casa Agape wants to promote a new trade for families and producers that looks at quality, ecosustainability and short chain products.
Casa Agape reaches an EcoOpinion of 2.4

Azienda Agricola Mompalà
Via Sant'Ottavio 35
At the shop of Azienda Agricola Mompalà it is possible to buy organic foods produced by the company like fruits and vegetables, honey, durum wheat pasta, extra virgin olive oil, wood baked organic bread made with sourdough. The company was founded in 2006 and in 2008 it converted the production into organic to ensure customers a healthy eating. Then it is engaged in educational activities to diffuse the knowledge of the world of agriculture and the respect of the environment between children.
Azienda Agricola Mompalà has an EcoOpinion with a score of 2.2

Cooperativa Baobab
Via Saluzzo 86/bis
Cooperativa Baobab is a reference point in Turin for fair trade to support a sustainable trade that respects environment and people. In the shop you can find organic foods from cooperatives of Southern Italy and other countries like Africa, Asia and South America. Besides the cooperative is engaged in activities to inform customers of producers, the countries of origin, work, culture and local traditions.
The EcoOpinion for Coopertaiva Baobab is of 2.1

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