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Organic foods in Venice

29 March 2016

In Venice organic foods and herbal products to take care of your body

Today the eye of The GreenWatcher takes you in Venice to find out some green shops where you can buy organic foods.
Let's go!

La Serenissima
Via Emilio de Marchi 59, San Marco
Do you need to cook an organic dinner? La Serenissima is a small market with an ecologic format. Here you can find organic foods, but also beauty creams and other green products. La Serenissima does not pay attention only to its products but also to the interior design of the shops with ecosustainable solutions: fridges with closed doors; natural paints for the walls; wooden furniture with FSC certification that is internationally recognized and for this reason it represents a warranty of the ecosustainability of the product; use of recycled paper and shoppers with biodegradable and recyclable materials; work uniforms made of organic cotton.
La Serenissima reaches an EcoOpinion with a score of 2.9

Rialto Biocenter
Calle della Regina 2264, Santa Croce
From 1992 Rialto Biocenter is a reference point for who looks for a healthy eating based on natural, biodynamic, macrobiotic, organic foods. The shop offers fresh products that preserve the real and authentic taste of the genuineness. It promotes all the news in the organic sector to spread an eco-friendly and sustainable consumption.
The EcoOpinion for Rialto Biocenter is 2.6

Sestiere Dorsoduro 3525
Naturalia is an eco-friendly shop that offers a wide selection of herbal products, natural make up, organic foods for vegetarians and vegans and products without gluten and for celiacs. With its organic certified products, Naturalia increases awareness among its customers of green purchases that respect the health of environment and people.
Naturalia has an EcoOpinion of 2.4 on The GreenWatcher!

Via Necroponte 4/C, Lido
Erbalido is a herbalist's shop where you can find herbal products, natural make up and organic foods. It is also possible buy some handmade natural products for the wellness of the body, based on scientific knowledge coming from the western and oriental medicine. For what regards the food, the products are all organic without pesticides and chemical additives, dangerous for environment and people, and they are treated in a natural way to keep unchanged the nutritional properties.
Erbalido has an EcoOpinion of 2.0

Erboristeria La Spiga
Via Lepanto 5, Lido
La Spiga is another herbalist's shop with the green hearth. Inside you can find natural make up and a selection of organic foods. Creams, lotions, medicinal herbs together with food to take care of your body internally with healthy meals and externally with natural products made respecting the environment in a perfect ecosustainable style.
The EcoOpinion for Erboristeria La Spiga is of 1.6

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