Choose eco-sustainability, every day

Small actions in everyday life to be ecosustainable

16 December 2015

Sustainable development begins from below

Don't think that the singular good everyday practices are too small respect to the big choices made from government or big factories towards a more sustainable development. As singular citizen or consumer your contribute can be remarkable if we consider the quantity of small actions in their whole.
Here below we give you some advice about eco-friendly practices that everyone could put into practice (just for who didn't already do this) with a small effort from us. Naturally, we imply that the more we are and the more our efforts will center the goal, so the best practice is definitely that of spreading to friends and acquaintances an ecosustainable culture and lifestyle.
The major of the eco-friendly actions go through energy saving. The more intuitive is “turn off the light!”, a sentence, a ritual phrase by now, parents say that to their sons or rarely the contrary, one partner repeats continuously to the other and never the contrary. Avoid the elettrical appliances stand by so that you will save energy and rid your home from all that cimiterals lights, a real sleepless nightmare. To whom doesn't love consumerism: remember that to substitute lights and household appliance with others high energy efficient ones is a very good practice even to reduce bills; in long period you will be happy with your choice.
We feel sorry for carnivorous but the production cycle influences not a little in the increasing of gas and in deforestation necessary to create new breeding...choose vegetables instead, better if from organic cultures, better if 0Km, but that's only and advice, not a duty.
Several actions are instead linked to the water. First of all privilege the dear old tap water, so that we will avoid pumping in environment an exorbitant amount of plastic to be produced, carried and drained. We can equipe our taps of aerols, they are really cheap, but they produce remarkable savings in our water consumption. Not to mention the cisterns with a double flush button. Just this shrewdness make you save hundreds of liter per day!


We would have many others to tell you, but, we don't want to reveal all now. Continue to follow our posts, meanwhile try reading “Why should I choose ecosustainability?”
And which actions do you make in everyday life? Give an EcoOpinion of a place you saw or, if you have a business, try the EcoAssessment and get The GreenWatcher !