Choose eco-sustainability, every day

The sustainable day of a moderate eco-friendly girl

30 December 2015

Eco-sustainability for common people

I can tell I'm a reasonably eco-friendly person. I've red about people who live trying not to produce any waste -activity that employees them as a part-time job- and about others who decided to produce all by themselves, as they don't want to feed our consumerist society. These are full-time employed.

I already have a job, so I simply decided to try to live a greener day, at least comparing to a medium one. Let's say that this will be a sustainability-aware day, I will challenge myself to see how sustainable I can be.

I have breakfast, I finish milk, I have to throw away the package. In the neighbour where I live only a generic waste collection bin is available, along with another one for plastic and glass, together. Who knows where Tetra pack goes...I choose the plastic-glass bin, the Pacific trash vortex nightmare badgers me since I saw a video on YouTube.

I fill up my bottle with tap water. The bottle is a plastic one, but I use the same since many months...hmm no, let's say weeks (the previous one is already running around in circles in the Pacific).

I choose walking to work, I could do it every day, but I usually use my car. During my walkabout I breathe a bit of exhaust gas of the ones that today are less green than me, and the ones from some old buses.

Coffee break. Disposable cup. In this area of the city recycling simply doesn't exist, what a pity. I have to remember to buy ceramic cups. Otherwise the mentioned vortex will expand to Mediterranean, too.

Lunch time, I look for some green-bio-sustainable place to eat. Around me there are many, some of them cute. Vegans and vegetarians are popular, but there are also places for omnivores. I choose one. I eat a km0 carbonara. It's good. I couldn't really distinguish it from a km100 one, but it's ok. It also takes a good shot of confidence, to be eco-friendly. Anyway, they also serve tap water, and I appreciate this. It reminds me of childhood, when you could enter a bar and ask for "a tap water glass, please". It was free. Now they call it naturized (!) water and you pay for it. Whatever...

Working afternoon, I switch off lights anytime I exit a room, and when I leave the office I kill off lots of power strips uselessly lit.

I have to go to the grocery shop now. As I don't have the car, I don't even take into account the supermarket, too far. I try with neighbour shops, they should offer higher quality, and support local economy. I buy organic apples instead of Spain oranges, local ham and bread. My eco-dinner is served. I will add some leftovers, too. I think this is called reuse.

After dinner, no TV. I prefer reading a book, at least I won't consume any ener...what I'm I saying?! In any case I will have to turn on the light! Who's more energy consuming, TV or bulb? I fall asleep with this doubt, I will dispel it tomorrow.

Final reflection. It has to be said: eco-sustainability is non particularly exciting, it's just about everyday life. It doesn't give effects immediately, anyway there is something that pushes you to make better. I guess it is something like a balanced diet: you won't see results the next day, but over time, you will say that yes, you definitely feel much better.