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Sustainable fashion in Bologna

8 February 2016

Sustainable fashion: an indivisible union for a green world


Fashion is becoming green too. We can find sustainable fashion also in Bologna.

Via Riva Reno 76/B
Altrotipo cruelty-free fun! Here you can find a lot of products such as shoes, bags and different kinds of accessories all with the same eco-friendly nature. “Cruelty-free” means ethical fashion, so that anything has animal origin and materials are ecosustainable because they are made with organic cotton, linen, hemp and cork. The shop offers also an online e-commerce website for your ecosustainable purchases. The EcoOpinion for Altrotipo reaches a score of 3.2

Green à Porter
Galleria Falcone e Borsellino 4/C
Green a Porter is a shop that is involved in the organization of events in exhibitions and markets. It is for customers that look for eco-friendly clothing. Particularly the shop promotes brands of sustainable fashion that are not so known and respect the environment. Your EcoOpinion for Green a Porter is 4.2

Bottega della Canapa
Via Marsala 31
Bottega della Canapa is a chain of franchising stores that is expanding: you can find these shops also in Cesena, Ferrara and Faenza. The products of Bottega della Canapa are ecologic. Customers can buy ecosustainable clothing, bags and accessories together with natural cosmetics and organic foods. Bottega della Canapa reaches an EcoOpinion of 3.2

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