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Did you know that the eco-friendly thing less noted in the hotels are interior materials?

1 March 2016

Reminder for the eco-friendly hotel keeper

Thanks to data collected from our website we can analyze numerous aspects related to environmental sustainability declared by companies and perceived by their customers. The comparison of objective data between these two groups allows us to understand the communication efficacy of the green practices fielded by the first towards seconds.

In this post we will talk briefly about hotel, B&B and guest houses. The GreenWatcher data shows that 76% of the ecologic companies, with our Certificate of Ecosustainability and engaged in sustainable tourism, uses eco-materials of various types in interior design: certificate furnitures, recycle components, natural materials and dry construction systems, just to name a few examples.

In respect of this commitment, however, only 49% of users releases EcoOpinions in that sense. It really isn't a gap so overwhelming but so much can be done in perceiving its customers its approach to sustainable development. For example, it is not enough that on the reception desk or on a coffee table of an hall there is a small logo representing the certification which declares that the furniture is an eco friendly product: few people will notice it and even fewer will know its meaning. It would be a good idea to prepare explanatory brochures, to leave in the rooms or in the waiting areas, in order to better inform their customers or think some signboards, maybe with simple and immediate slogans.

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