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30 September 2016

Good green-practices that our users have perceived the most

The percentages shown in the graph are the result of the EcoOpinion that our customers from Europe, USA and South America have filled up. The aimed questions we made were about three main topics: energy, materials and logistic. The goal is to help the eco-sustainable businesses to improve their eco-sustainability and induce the people to make eco-sustainable choices.

Eco-friendly products used and sold (55%)
Since we are dealing with ecologic companies, the higher percentage is the one regarding the using and selling of eco-friendly products. Usually, who is interested in buying local and organic food or green products chooses to purchase them in specific shops that offer such goods, therefore those are the products that the customers notice the most.

Sustainable architecture and eco-design (43%)
The businesses that sell eco-friendly products often take care also of the building’s outfit they operate in. In this kind of businesses you can admire a green-style, consisting of eco-sustainable materials, ecologic furniture and use of renewable resources. There are some shops that despite they do not sell eco-friendly products, take care of the environment by equipping a sustainable and green furniture in their locals. Regardless of what a shop sells, it is important to have a sustainable outfit in order to be competitive and increase attractiveness for the customers.

Recycling (12%)
This survey does not concern accommodation facilities such as hotel, bar and restaurant but only eco-sustainable shops, therefore is obvious that the percentage in this case is lower. The customers go to a shop in order to purchase eco-sustainable products and they do not notice or do not take care of how the seller recycle his/her waste.