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Do you know that the most noticed eco-friendly thing in restaurants is…

23 January 2017

Good green practices that our users have perceived most

According to data of the EcoOpinions made by our users, ecosustainable solutions and green actions of restaurants are widely noticed. Customers look at the food quality. Indeed the eco-friendly products used and sold are the most noticed with a percentage of 60%.

The attention to quality is as importance as that one on actions for food recovery. The 55% of users that have been to sustainable restaurants have noticed that. This practice has a big appreciation and it is spreading in restaurants which do not offer organic foods as well.

Obviously when we speak about sustainable restaurants we can not consider just the food but also the interior design. Ecologic furniture and eco design catches the attention of customers with a percentage of 45%. Choosing ecosustainable solutions is an added value that is becoming very popular.

Other actions that underline the respect for the environment are those ones to reduce waste. Many ecosustainable businesses use plastic free water distribution systems to reduce the millions of plastic bottles, largely consumed in the catering sector, that otherwise would pollute the environment. This green practice is quite popular and it is noticed with a value of 30%.

Then there are recycling facilities noticed by users with a percentage of 25%. An appreciable value considering the fact that customers who go to a sustainable restaurants look most at the food and its quality while they do not care about waste management.