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Eco-sustainability perceived by people and real actions of companies

20 November 2015

What people really see about environmental sustainability?

The GreenWatcher presents the data collected in the first 9 months of activity, about the eco-sustainability perceived by people and practiced by companies.
Recycling, ecologic design, sale of eco friendly products: these are the green aspects of shops and activities open to the public that are important to the users of The GreenWatcher. But, how sustainable are the shops and the activities open to the public?

According to the users of The GreenWatcher, the 41% of the activities they reviewed with EcoOpinions, sell and use eco friendly products and raw materials (including recycled, biologic and Km 0) and 32% offer eco friendly packaging, such as biodegradable bags or recycled or ecological paper. The most award-winning eco friendly action by the users is the use of systems for water that does not require plastic bottles, recognized in the category of food in 64% of EcoOpinions, and favorably affects the 40% of users the recovery of food excess
Little noticed by the users is the use of renewable energy sources and eco friendly provision: 2,5% knew about it, compared with 70% of EcoAssessed business that declare to engage in these actions. The energy savings, one of the action more popular and applied by companies of all the categories, is hardly noticed by users: only 32% indentified the presence of low-energy equipment. In contrast, although only 33% of EcoAssessed business declare to recycling over 70% of total waste, this action, even if just symbolized by the presence of different baskets, is signaled by 40% of the portal users with their EcoOpinions.
The information in line between what is declair by businesses and noticed by users, is the use of ecosustainable materials and furnitures: 45% of the business do it, and the same percentage of people notice it. There are always more categories that give attention to sustainable practices: actually, in Europe more than 300 millions of people are eco friendly consumers and more than 5 millions business produce and offers eco-sustainability.