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Ecosustainability at the EXPO's pavilions

21 September 2015

Two sustainable business seen through users's EcoOpinions

How sustainable are the EXPO's pavilions?
Two are the pavilions reviewed with EcoOpinions by the users of the portal.

The firts is Coca Cola's pavilion: a building 12 meters high and consisting of 1,000 square meters of surface area, made of environmentally sustainable materials: wood, glass and water. The building outlines the dimensions of a basketball court and, at the end of the exposition, the pavilion will form a new covered space that the local community can use for physical activities. Inside, the communication of sustainability is entrusted to a guided tour that step by step shows to the visitors how green is the pavilion and the production of Coca Cola. Through this direct communication people perceive better sustainability and are able to communicate and share it. The proof is the result obtained by the pavilion Coca Cola, thanks the EcoOpinions made by users.

The second reviewed is the Slow Food pavilion: this is an area of 3,500 square meters consisting of three modular buildings made of wood. Slow Food focuses on the sustainability of food, for this, a part of the pavilion is dedicated to discovering the diversity of cheeses and wines. The users of The GreenWatcher, through their EcoOpinions, noted the use of sustainable packaging fot the distribution of these foods and the presence of baskets for separate collection, while it has been noticed a great waste of plastic bottles.

What will become this pavilion after Expo? Will it be disassambled and used for other events? It is not known. In this case it was not given any information to the visitors about it.

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