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How green are the accommodation facilities in Italian cities

18 January 2016

Short report on The GreenWatcher detections

We continue our balance about the situation of the environmental sustainability of EcoAssessed Italian companies on our website.
In this post we present our objective data regarding accommodation facilities (hotels, B&B, etc.) dedicated to sustainable tourism in Italy.
As usual we start from the given summary: the EcoScore. Taller than some decimal than average made on all businesses, stands at 7.7, a good result.
The factor on which our data make us reflect, as they differ significantly from the average of all business, are the energy consumption. They’re much lower than average, then the Italy, despite everything, she's doing pretty well under this point of view.
It must be said that the big green hotel is still more energy-consuming than the small eco sustainable accommodations because inside it has very often very large common spaces that require lighting and climate control to a higher standard. But, especially in recent years, the so-called Airbnb effect, has multiplied the sharing economy small structures, contributing by the amount to reduce the average. As opposed, big companies have higher power investment and more and more frequently, thanks to Italian Government incentives, are equipped with photovoltaic and solar thermal systems tending to turn into a real sustainable building.

If also you operate in ecotourism try our EcoAsses and get The GreenWatcher Certificate of ecosustainability for your business.

If instead you have been guest of some sustainable hotel send us your EcoOpinion, the registration at our website takes only few clicks.

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