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How green are the customers’ purchase decisions?

3 October 2016

Comparison between the eco-friendly purchases made in Italy and in Europe

In April, 2013, the European Commission adopted the Single Market for Green Products Initiative, that introduce two methods, valid throughout Europe, for measuring and communicating the environmental performances of products (PEF – Product Environmental Footprint) and organizations (OEF – Organisation Environmental Footprint).
In order to improve the promotion of this initiative, the European Union carried out a survey that serve to understand better the behavior and attitudes of customers when comes to purchase eco-sustainable products. The results are reported in the Eurobarometer n. 367 “Attitudes of Europeans towards building the single market for green products” dated back in December 2012 and published in 2013. Specifically, they examine the awareness of the European citizens about eco-friendly products and their opinion about the purchase of them. According to the figures of the research carried out by the European Community, compared with the ones of the Italian citizens, we can see that:

- 80% of the European citizens and 74% of Italians often or sometimes purchase eco-friendly products;

- 1 citizen out of 5 (4% Europeans and 6% Italians) defined himself “ready to act”, in the sense that actually he/her does not buy eco-sustainable products but is willing to do it in the future;

- 6% of Europeans and 11% of Italians can be considered as consumers that “are thinking about it”, meaning that they are not buying green products but they might do it in the future. The higher percentage of Italians is a sign that advertising actions aimed to a sustainable development may contribute to sensitize and convince this “undecided” part of the population;

- Among the people that bought eco-sustainable products but now are not willing to buy them again and the ones that do not want to buy such products today nor in the future or that are not aware of the existence of eco-friendly products the recorded percentages were really low.