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How green are restaurants in Italian cities

12 January 2016

Short report on The GreenWatcher detections

With the new year it is time to make some balances and we thought to provide to you the situation about the eco-sustainability of EcoAssessed Italian companies on our website.
We begin this week with sustainable restaurants (including bars and pubs) then move on future posts to what concerns sustainable tourism and eco -friendly shops.
The most important data is the EcoScore: the Italian average is 8.0 in our scale, as you know by now, is from 0 to 10. Not bad, it's a result quite high! Geographically the Center-North is more ecologic than the South and the Islands. Clearly our members are particularly sensible to green and it’s not a surprise a result like that.
In detail this outcome is achieved primarily by three factors that raise the EcoScore above average. First of all the restaurants are little energy-consuming activities than other types of activities. The other two aspects are related to eco friendly products sold or used as ingredients (68%) and low emissions for logistics of supplies (0.58 kg CO2/m2). In restaurant business is precisely these last two the key-elements: the first is an indication of the use of organic foods or otherwise of high-quality while the second is an indication of a short chain, that is when products coming mainly from neighboring areas to the activity itself.

If also you handle restaurants try our EcoAsses and get The GreenWatcher Certificate of ecosustainability for your business.
If instead you know ecologic companies send us your EcoOpinion, the registration at our website takes only few clicks.

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