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How green are the shops in Italian Cities

25 January 2016

Short report on The GreenWatcher detections

Italian eco -friendly shops EcoAssessed through our website are ecologic but not too much. This business group is bringing up the rear of all groups taken in consideration despite having an EcoScore of 6.3.  They’re excellent from the point of view of ecomaterials used in interiors, in furnishings or in seasonal shop windows. In fact as much as 95% of the materials used are environmentally ecosustainable. Increasingly also uses recycled furnishings or natural wood furnishings that help to raise the percentage of this factor.
About the emissions for logistics so much you can do because the value is quite high! Since the percentage of ecoproducts sold is largely in line with the average percentage of all activities, means that while selling eco friendly products, these come from too far and their transport is therefore very onerous from an environmental point of view.

If also you manage an ecosustainable business or an ecologic purchases shop try our EcoAssess and get The GreenWatcher Certificate of ecosustainability for your business.

If instead you are customer of some eco-friendly shops send us your EcoOpinion, the registration at our website takes only few clicks.

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