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The most sustainable actions noticed by tourists in Florence

5 December 2016

Analyzing the interviews about sustainable tourism

Florence, city of history, art and culture, where many people from all around the world come to visit it for its beauty. We agree with this but the beauty of the artistic heritage is not the only thing that tourists visiting the city have noticed. Indeed according to the interviews that The GreenWatcher has done we can say that Florence is also an ecosustainable city.

This consideration emerges by the investigations made interviewing tourists, ranged from 20 to 60 years old, coming to Florence from all around the world and this analysis follows the previous one published last week concerning the meaning of sustainability. Most tourists have declared that they have noticed many eco-friendly actions in Florence and here you can find the answers with the percentages:

- 35% “many people walking or using bikes”

- 25% “many local products on sale”

- 25% “the practice of waste management”

- 15% “very clean city”

Considering that there is a deep knowledge of the environmental issues, as we have already specified in the previous report, it is possible to underline how tourists have identified the main ecosustainable activities, first of all the green mobility. Promoting the use of bike instead of cars, or facilitate the meeting through new pedestrian areas is essential to have a sustainable development in the urban centres where generally traffic causes more pollution than in the suburbs, making less healthy the city life.

The second eco-friendly activity, noticed by tourists, is the sale of local products, an aspect that catches the attention for the quality and freshness of the food but that also points out the lower environmental impact connected to this activity. Indeed selling local food means selling km0 products that have polluted less thanks to savings on transport. Also waste management is another action noticed by tourists and most of them were surprised because they did not expect to find the differentiated bins in the centre of the city.