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Top 5 user noticed sustainable actions

23 December 2015

Ecosustainable business practices more perceived by customers

Through TheGreenWatcher, our users have carried out over 5000 EcoOpinion between Europe, United States and South America. These data are consistent with each other because individual EcoOpinion are released through the compilation of a targeted questionnaire. The following considerations will help both companies, in enhancing the eco-sustainability that their customers perceive, and users, in properly rating the places they review.

Plastic free water distribution systems (64%)
One most noticed and popular eco-friendly action, specially into those places where people eat. Using tap water contributes to sustainable development, as avoids spreading millions of  plastic bottles into the environment.

Recycling bins (47%)
The banal presence of bins for recycling is what best is perceived, especially when the user himself uses them. Thinking about dividing properly the waste, although it’s now an automatic gesture, particularly strikes and the company that provides separated bins it’s appreciated.

Eco-friendly, natural or recycled furniture and materials (43%)
The second place belongs to the interior space setup. Also this aspect is immediately obvious. Definitely a business that focuses its image on sustainable architecture or on ad hoc recycled furniture, maybe even with interesting design solutions, or ecologic materials, wants to communicate to its customers its own values of sustainable development.

Sales of organic, recycled or eco friendly products (41%)
If the sustainable presence in the interior is quite noted it is also, clearly, selling products with the same characteristics, which is actually perceived almost in the same way. We remind you that the number of people willing to spend a little more just to have an eco friendly product is increasing, as environmental sustainability awareness is spreading more and more.

If these are general and common aspects to many activities, a separate discussion deserves individual categories (eco -friendly shopsorganic foods restaurants, sustainable hotels)... keep on following our posts!

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