Choose eco-sustainability, every day

The “green addicted” handbook

31 October 2016

Rules for an eco-sustainable lifestyle

This article is dedicated to all those people that do not follow an sustainable lifestyle yet, and to all the readers that feel green addicted but still have not obtained the certification “doc”, here it is the TGW handbook that help you to do not forget to act in a eco-friendly way every day and receive the “doc” certification.

What to eat
Food is a pleasure and Italians know it very well, but in order to enjoy as much as possible your meal it is important the quality of it. The “green addicted doc” person chooses only organic or local food, derived from eco-sustainable agricultural techniques that respect the environment.

How to dump your waste
Every day we produce trash and recycling involves commitment, that only who loves eco-sustainability can engage into it. After being recycled, garbage becomes a resource that can be (re-)utilized and creates new objects and materials, and by doing so, it contributes reducing wastes in the society.

How to move
Mobility must be sustainable. Stop driving traditional cars and start riding bikes, or using electric vehicles and car pooling and car sharing services. Green lovers are aware of the fact that the best eco-friendly way to move is walking!

How to dress
Even though you cannot judge a book by its cover, the “green-addicted” soul is revealed by what he/she wears. Obviously, in his/her closet you will find only eco-sustainable clothes, made of organic or recycled materials and produced with no exploitation of workers.

Holydays destinations
Eco-sustainability has to be brought everywhere we go. The green addicted doc is a supporter of sustainable tourism and that is why he/she chooses always eco-sustainable hotels as accommodation during his/her holydays. The green lovers choose eco-sustainability every day.