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100% green islands

8 May 2017

Policies for a sustainable development

Green energy for 20 small islands, from Giglio to Ponza, from Lampedusa to Capri. A new ordinance of the Ministry of Economic Development identifies the actions for the progressive coverage of the needs of small non-interconnected islands through energy from renewable sources. It focuses on 100% renewable islands. Eco-sustainability and experimentation are the keywords for the planned actions.

Today the islands are around the world at the centre of interventions and experiments to demonstrate how they can be 100% renewable. From the Canary Islands to the North Seas, from Polynesia to Alaska, are many the islands that have become independent of fossil sources and that have invested on the resources of their own territory to promote the sustainable tourism.

Incredibly Italian islands present the smallest diffusion of renewables across Italy even if they have enormous potential to produce clean energy. Therefore this ordinance is an important measure to unlock the current situation with the hope that substantial changes may occur in the coming years.

The small islands involved in the measure that will become 100% green are located more than 1km from the mainland and the population is at least 50 people. They are little realities where the supply of energy usually takes place by ship with possible breaks during bad weather and with a variable demand depending on the seasonal attendance.

The modernization of local electricity networks will be encouraged to help the growing integration of renewable sources. Then some pilot projects will be funded to experiment with innovative solutions to allow for a wider use of the sources in question immediately, using also funding from European programs.