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5 good reasons to choose ecosustainable design

11 April 2016
eco-friendly products

When the design and the production of goods become green

Get the perfect eco friendly product is really very complicated because in its realization, especially if industrial, countless components come into play: design, standard regulations, materials, production processes, economic relations with workers and suppliers. A little better, from the point of view of the production chain, they're doing small artisans or self-productions, as the realization of the object involves fewer actors and therefore it’s easier to control.
We recommend, but our users already know it, to assess the eco-sustainability of a product as if it were one of the usual parameters we use before making a purchase: I like I don't like, I need I don't need, price, etc.
We indicate 5 powerful reasons to support with your sustainable purchases in design, whether of industrial production or chosen in a "concept store" with craft and artistic products, who is committed to protecting the environment.

Using of ecologic material
It may seem obvious but not always is. A good eco friendly product must be made from ecosustainable material that is non-toxic, made from recycling and further recyclable too and realized by not only sustainable but also ethical processes.

Production processes with reduced ecological footprint
Production must take place with energy efficient equipment, preferably powered by a grid that uses renewable resources. Also the processes must not produce pollutants or waste with high environmental costs for its disposal. Of course also our final object must have the same characteristics.

Quality and durability
The good quality of a product also increases its durability. This means that if an object "lasts a lifetime" will save all economic and environmental costs for its disposal and all those for the production of a new good although is a green one. A good quality product in this sense, it is also one in which you can replace parts and components, in order to increase its life time without replacing it in its entirety.

Product recycling
Good design can play a crucial role in the aspect of recycling of the product or its materials. The thinking before a possible second use will facilitate things at the time of its disposal. Actually, there is also a wide range of ecologic creative that bases its work on recycling of industrial stuffs that have reached their useful life.

Green packaging
The limitation of the packaging material and reduced use of raw materials that constitute it contributes to reducing waste. Packages may also be viewed as products in itself: therefore apply all the rules set out above to have a green manufactured and possibly recyclable, thus transforming it from waste to resource.

The GreenWatcher is preparing for you a set of guides in some of the main Italian cities with the shops for the ecosustainable design. Florence is already on-line Ecosustainable design in Florence

Let us know your favorites one with EcoOpinions! Or EcoAssess your design furniture or products store and obtain the Certificate of Ecosustainability by The GreenWatcher!