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5 good reasons to choose an ecosustainable restaurant

22 February 2016

The reason for being ecosustainable at lunch or dinner is...

To have lunch or dinner outside is part of our habits now. Some people do it daily, because of work, others occasionally, maybe at weekends with some friends, and for others it represents a way to discover new tastes. Over all these reasons, the kind of food and the wallet of everyone, there are ecosustainable restaurants suitable to each target and for all tastes. So having to choose...choose green, also for these obvious reflections:

Short chain menu
Menu consists of dishes where ingredients are km0, seasonal and sure of their origin. Some restaurants with a medium-high level or however well-structured make ecosustainable purchases from their country retailers that use eco-friendly transports like electric transports or fueled by natural gas. Generally these kind of restaurants offer typical food. Clearly it is not possible that they can find everything at km0. For example they appeal to fair trade to buy spices.

Organic foods
Natural and fresh ingredients, grown up without chemical substances like pesticides and fungicides, are used. Organic foods are free from OMG and they are cultivated or raised in a sustainable way.

No to the single-dose
They ban the use of single-dose products, in that way they reduce waste considerably. Try to think the amount of plastic created just for water bottles that has to be produced and then disposed. The use of tap water, better filtered with active carbon systems, is an ecosustainable action more and more appreciated by clients.

Maybe there are some very romantic restaurants that make light just with beeswax candles but we can be satisfied with energy saving lighting, like LED lamps or with low consumption.

Ecosustainable businesses
try to communicate to their customers their efforts towards the environment and the best green practices that they make in their restaurants. Sustainable development starts from the bottom and from a good environmental education.

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