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5 good reasons to choose organic foods

16 May 2016

Organic foods vs conventional foods

Recent studies have shown that there are no substantial nutritional differences between organic foods and conventional ones. It is true that organic foods have a lot of positive points and for those it is worth preferring and buying them instead of conventional foods:

Healthy and quality eating
One of the principal positive points of organic foods is the quality. It is undeniable: most of organic foods, grown up with ecosustainable techniques, have a taste definitely better than conventional products. Choose organic foods means rediscovering unique and forgotten flavors.

Genuineness and freshness
The better organoleptic qualities of organic foods are closely linked to the cultivation method. They have not grown up using pesticides, so organic foods are without neurotoxins, that are harmful toxins for the brain and our nervous system. Besides unlike products coming from industrial agriculture, organic foods are not exposed to unnatural ripening with specific gases. Therefore the final product is more natural and fresh because generally it is short chain food.

Sustainable development
Choose eco friendly products helps to ensure a more sustainable future for next generations. Organic farming respects the earth because it does not use toxic substances reducing the environmental impact. Furthermore it does not waste the resources of the earth like water, for example, that is not polluted by pesticides. This is one of the principles of a sustainable development that tries to guarantee in the future the same available resources for the present generations. 

Support for SMEs
Prefer organic foods means supporting the work of farmers devoted to organic farming that generally have small or medium enterprises. At the same time you help to protect their health because farmers can work in healthier conditions avoiding the contact with pesticides and other toxic substances.

Choose organic foods means supporting the biodiversity, a key aspect for the life of the earth. Unfortunately conventional food made by high-yield single-crop systems is endangering the biodiversity and this is against the principles of sustainable development.

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